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Musicians Health and Exercises Index

This page had grown so large that it was becoming a complex task to navigate it. Consequently, we have broken the page down into four categories (pages) that should make your research a little easier.

Guitarists and Health, Repetitive Strain Injury Prevention Guidelines, and Guitar Exercises have been moved to Health for Guitarists.

Exercises for Musicians is now Musician Exercises and is an extensive listing of PDFs that teach you how.

External Links for Musician Health can now be found has been replaced with Links & On-Line Articles.

Other Pages of Interest that Pertain to the Health of Musicians:

Links & On-Line Articles ...here is an excellent award winning source listing of links dealing with the health of musicians.
Musicians and Injuries
the types of injuries suffered and how to prevent them.
Why is it That Musicians Suffer An Extraordinary Amount of Physical Discomfort? Does this mean that it hurts more to be a musician?
Curved Fingers and Tension ...almost all musicians curve their finger while playing and this can lead to injury.
Safe Gigging ...playing is not as safe as we assume.
External Links Addressing the Health of Musicians is a short list of external links that primarily deal with the health of musicians.
Why Physical Exercise for Artists? The advantages of exercise for the artist.
A Ten Point Plan for Fitness to Play
Stretching is an excellent PDF on how to stretch efficiently and effectively.
Rotation Exercises While Playing increase your finger strength while playing the piano.
Stretches and Back Care Exercises an illustrated guide to taking care of the back.
The Effects of Stress on Music Performance

FAQ Relaxation Techniques
Relaxation Techniques I
a very comprehensive set of exercises. A lot of Eastern techniques.
Relaxation Techniques II these exercises address affirmations and visualizations among other things. It is the icing on the cake if done in conjunction with Relaxation Techniques I.
Stress in Piano Playing how to play without incurring debilitating stress. Very comprehensive.
Beta Blockers and Performance Anxiety in Musicians the use of Beta Blockers and any potential problems.
Alexander Technique for Musicians

Everything You Need to Know About Sleep if you cannot get a good nights sleep, then you will have some health issues.
The Benefits of Better Breathing
breathing is an very important component in stress reduction and creativity. An excellent resource.
Teaching Whole Music Literacy knowing how the brain learns can only benefit the user...The Brain Users Manual.
Music, Development, Aging and the Brain how does music effect the development of the brain? Again, understanding empowers.
The Brain of Musicians: A Model of Functional and Structural Adaptation

Emotional responses to pleasant and unpleasant music correlate with activity in paralimbic brain regions
The Effects of Music Training On Children's Brain and Cognitive Development

Creating Melodies with Evolving Recurrent Neural Networks

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